Apartment renewal, Tokyo

Apartment renewal project ; from Studio 47sqm. to 1bd+LDK
Design point is all stainless open counter kitchen.


Lighting award 2018, Niigata Toyopet Niigata-higashi Showroom.

We won the Lighting Technical Award 2018 to the Niigata Toyopet Niigata-higashi Showroom from the Lighting Academy Tohoku-office.
I'm very honor to have a good prize and special thanks to all our collaboraters.


Niigata Toyopet Niigata-Higashi Showroom, the construction finished.

Our studio designed and constructuion administrated,
Niigata Toyopet Niigata-Higashi Showroom completely finished their works.
( see also some photos in blog )


Nov.2016-May.2017 Niigata-Toyopet Niigata-Higashi Showroom on construction

I also show the construction scenes on blog EN.

showroom building ; facade works finished. 10th May 2017

Showroom Building ; facade works 19th. April. 2017

Showroom building; exterior sashwork, interior ceiling work, 22nd.March 2017

Steel works finished. 22th Feb. 2017

Steel frame works, 8th Feb. 2017